Morocco’s BCIJ dismantles terror cell, arrests nine suspects

Morocco’s BCIJ dismantles terror cell, arrests nine suspects

The Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) has dismantled this Friday (May 3) a pro-ISIS terror cell of eight people, who were operating in the northern city of Tangier, and later arrested a ninth suspect for his alleged connection with the terror cell.

Initial investigations revealed that the cell includes the brother of two ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq and that the suspects, aged between 20 and 31, adhered to ISIS propaganda and were trying to carry out terror attacks in Morocco, the BCIJ said in a statement.

Electronic devices, bladed weapons, a small black ISIS flag, paramilitary uniforms were seized in the operation.

The suspects are being interrogated for promoting extremism and planning terror attacks across Morocco and investigations are still underway to arrest other people suspected of links with this terror cell, the BCIJ pointed out.

Created in 2015, BCIJ has dismantled hundreds of terror cells, strengthening Morocco’s counterterrorism strategy, which is acclaimed worldwide for its efficiency.

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