Africa Energy Forum holds 21st session in Lisbon

Africa Energy Forum holds 21st session in Lisbon

About 3,000 stakeholders and investors are expected to attend the 21st Africa Energy Forum in Lisbon, Portugal, next June.

The forum, which provides a platform for key energy sector stakeholders, will explore the opportunities and innovations set to shape policy and investment decisions on the African continent.

According to Managing Director Simon Gosling, the Forum’s shift to Lisbon has been warmly welcomed by the Government of Portugal who continues to put partnerships, knowledge and technology transfer and economic opportunities firmly in the hands of all that welcome them.

The African Energy Forum welcomes decision makers from all corners of the world, with some 46% participants coming from Africa, including from Mozambique, Angola, Côte D’Ivoire, Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Ethiopia.

The latest projects and investment opportunities in these countries will be showcased during the meeting.

The African continent’s population has grown by 30 million people in the past year, and annual increases are expected to exceed 42 million by 2050. So is the energy sector.

Following the proclamation of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the signing of the Paris Agreement, there has been commitment to support power generation in Africa.

Positive developments have taken place with the setting up of partnerships, such as the Africa-European Union Energy Partnership, and the Power Africa Initiative, which is supported by the US and the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative. The Lisbon meeting is expected to boost these partnerships.

The forum has earned the reputation of being not only the greatest Africa energy forum, but the greatest energy forum in the world.

The 20th forum was held in Mauritius Island in June 2018.

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