BCIJ Foils Latin America Cocaine Trafficking Network’s Scheme

BCIJ Foils Latin America Cocaine Trafficking Network’s Scheme

The Organized Crime Squad of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) announced the arrest, on Saturday (Dec.15) in Boujdour, Southern Morocco, of a Colombian national, in possession of equipment he was planning to use in cocaine trafficking by means of aircraft.

This arrest allowed to abort a diabolical plan aiming at the installation in the Saharan provinces of airstrips for planes carrying cocaine coming from Latin America.

According to a communiqué of the BCIJ, the Colombian national was arrested in a farm in Boujdour where a large batch of equipment for the supply of planes and the concealment of cocaine was seized.

The material “was destined for cocaine trafficking on a global scale,” the communiqué said. This equipment includes “100 liters of kerosene, three large fuel tanks, two aircraft engines, five electric generators, products for tanks manufacturing, electrical wires, 2,700 liters of fuel and various mechanical materials”.

The initial findings of the investigation showed that the Colombian arrested was the mastermind of a network of traffickers that was preparing to set up in the Dakhla region airstrips for planes carrying cocaine from Latin America, the BCIJ statement said.

This scheme was aborted following the dismantling last week of a criminal network of traffickers and the seizure of over one ton of cocaine, recalled the BCIJ. The operation enabled the arrest of 17 individuals, including two Spanish nationals and three Colombians.
The new seizure shows that smugglers of Latin American cartels are trying to use the strategic position of the North African Kingdom as a transit point to European market.

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