King Mohammed VI Wants Better Control & Protection of Personal Data

King Mohammed VI Wants Better Control & Protection of Personal Data

King Mohammed VI appointed on Saturday Omar Seghrouchni, chairman of the National committee for personal data control and protection (CNDP).

This committee is tasked with checking and ensuring that personal data processing is lawful, legal and does not violate privacy, fundamental rights and freedoms, says a statement released by the Royal Office.

In addition to its Chief, CNDP includes six members appointed by King Mohammed VI on proposal of the Head of Government and the Speakers of the two Houses of Parliament.

The Sovereign received the same day Omar Seghrouchni and instructed him to enhance the CNDP mechanisms and means to keep pace with the rapid technological and legal developments, for a better protection of citizens’ rights and their personal data.

Seghrouchni is member of CNDP since 2010. He holds a master’s degree in diplomacy and economic intelligence. He is a graduate of the Mohammedia School of engineers and worked for the French National Institute for Research in computer Science & Automation.

He also worked for several consulting firms specialized in designing information systems.

In Morocco, the Law on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data sets legal provisions aimed at protecting the identity, rights and individual and collective freedoms as well as privacy against all attacks that may affect them through use of computers.

The Law defines, among others and with precision, the right of access to databases containing personal data, to object to certain treatments, to request correction of erroneous data and deletion of outdated information.

King Mohammed VI also appointed on Saturday Driss Guerraoui President of the Competition Council and Mohamed Abouelaziz, Secretary General of the Council.
The Competition Council is composed, in addition to the President, of 12 members appointed by decree of the Head of Government. Two magistrates, member of the Council, are proposed by the High Council of the Judiciary.

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