Morocco Teams up with UN Office for South-South Cooperation

Morocco Teams up with UN Office for South-South Cooperation

The Moroccan International cooperation agency (AMCI) and the UN office for south-south cooperation (UNOSSC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote cooperation between countries of the south notably those in the African continent.

The agreement is in line with Morocco’s foreign policy underpinned by a south-south drive permeated by co-development and solidarity.

It comes as Morocco is steadily fostering its footprint as a regional hub for south-south cooperation through the launch of an array of sustainable development projects in Africa as part of a win-win approach.

The agreement will help AMCI to diversify its international partnerships with a view to launching development projects in African countries.

“We are proud of this partnership and we are looking forward to cooperating closely with Moroccan institutions to promote an efficient south-south cooperation,” said Jorge Chediek Director of UNOSSC.

“We strongly admire Morocco’s south-south cooperation action in the world, notably in Africa as well as the personal commitment of HM the King, who dedicated his time and effort to the developing world, particularly those in Africa,” he added.

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