Malta Seizes 11 Tons of Drug Coming from Syria, Destined to Libya

Malta Seizes 11 Tons of Drug Coming from Syria, Destined to Libya

Four containers carrying 11 tons of cannabis resin have been seized in Malta while on their way from Syria to Libya.

The shipment, discovered in the four containers after they were scanned, was seized at Malta Freeport on Monday as it was to complete the journey to Libya.

Customs officials at the port became suspicious as the containers were flagged as ‘potential high risk containers’.

“Three of the containers were declared as carrying crockery detergent, while the other container was declared as carrying blow-torches,” Times of Malta reported on Monday.

After two scans, authorities at the port discovered bundles of brown substance hidden within the detergent, the news outlet said, adding that a narcotics field-test confirmed the contents as cannabis resin.

The street value of the shipment has been put at €28.5 million.

The haul constitutes the largest seizure by Maltese authorities.

Libya has become since 2011 a lawless country with two different administrations having a weak control over the territory.

NATO-backed removal of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 has turned one-time Africa’s biggest power into a fertile land for drug gangs, armed rings and terrorist groups including the Islamic State group (ISIS).

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