Flagged by Morocco’s BCIJ, Notorious Narcotrafficker Arrested in Peru

Morocco’s FBI, the Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), issued an international arrest warrant that led to the arrest of drug lord Victor Manuel Lemina Cores in Lima.

Lemina Cores, a Spanish national, notorious for running one of the mightiest drug trafficking networks, was arrested by Interpol on September 11 in the Peruvian capital Lima.

The drug lord engaged in drug trafficking operations of cocaine and cannabis in Spain. His latest trafficking operation took place in November 2016 when his 1230kg cargo of cocaine was seized near the coasts of Dakhla by Moroccan authorities.

Sixteen people were arrested in that operation that resulted in the seizure of the amount of cocaine with the market value of 2 billion dirhams.

Besides the crackdown on terrorist networks, BCIJ has foiled several drug trafficking attempts and dismantled smuggling gangs since its creation in 2015.

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