Libya: Facebook Blocked in Tripoli, Other Cities amid Deadly Clashes

Libya: Facebook Blocked in Tripoli, Other Cities amid Deadly Clashes

Residents in the Libyan capital and other cities are facing restriction to access Facebook, which has turned to be the main source of information in the crisis-hit country where lawlessness has become the order of the day with rival factions fighting to grasp power.

Tripoli and its surroundings have been witnessing since the past week deadly clashes between militias leaving UN-backed Presidential Council (PC) powerless to bring order.

The fighting left over 100 people injured while the death toll has been put at over 35.

Residents of Tripoli and several other cities Monday reported that they could not access the social media facebook while other websites remain accessible.

The spokesman for the Libyan Telecommunication and Technology utility (LTT) Mourad Bilal said Facebook went down due to a dysfunction in the international cables’ service provider, local media Libya Express reports. Repairing efforts are underway, he said.

LTT is owner of the two telecommunication firms serving internet in the North African country.

The PC said fighting, which is still raging in the capital, affected oil facilities and Mitiga airport due to rocket firing.

Facebook has emerged in Libya as the main source of infor-mation with officials, ministries and armed groups that effec-tively control the country posting statements there.

Journalists and newspapers face death threats for their work. Militias linked to politicians regularly break into newsrooms that they deem biased and not aligned with them.

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