Indignation in Morocco after Rape of Teenage Girl

Indignation in Morocco after Rape of Teenage Girl

Thousands have signed a petition in support of a young woman who held captive for two months and was tortured.

“During her captivity, she was subjected to every torture imaginable: She was repeatedly raped by 15 men, beaten, deprived of food and basic sanitary needs, and had her body forcibly tattooed by her captors,” the petition organizers wrote.

Speaking to Moroccan web TV “Chouf TV“ 17-year old Khadija said she was kidnapped in June and held for two months by a gang of men in Oulad Ayad, a small town about 150 kilometers (90 miles) northeast of Marrakesh.

Khadija, speaking with grief, said that she was tortured and kept without food or shower.

Local media said that at least 12 suspects were arrested in the case, which took place after Morocco passed a new law to tackle violence against women.

The law provided new protections for survivors, but human rights groups said it didn’t go far enough.

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