Algeria, Mauritania Open Border Crossing

Algeria, Mauritania Open Border Crossing

Algerian and Mauritanian authorities opened a new border post south of Algeria’s main southern city of Tindouf, despite the security reality on the ground, and the fact that the border region, decreed military zone by Mauritania, is frequently used by cross-border criminals and traffickers.

The post dubbed, Mustapha Ben Boulied has 46 offices, 4 car parkings and other facilities, Algerian media reported.

The border crossing is said to be necessary for promoting trade between Algeria and Mauritania as Algiers seeks a foothold in West Africa.

The new border post is also a tool to be used by Algerian authorities in its cold war with Morocco over influence in West Africa.

The news comes almost one year after Mauritanian authorities declared the borders with Algeria a military zone strictly forbidden to civilians amid the proliferation of terrorist groups that engage in all kinds of criminal activities including kidnappings and all sorts of trafficking.

Mauritania’s borders with Algeria and Mali have been a transit point for terrorist groups, including the Mali-based al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and other terrorists based in southern Algeria.

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