Over 10,000 Algerians Sought Asylum in Europe in 2017 – Eurosat

Over 10,000 Algerians Sought Asylum in Europe in 2017 – Eurosat

The number of Algerians who sought political asylum in Europe in the year 2017 reached 10,000, data from Eurostat, a European statistical agency, showed.

According to Eurosat, the 28 countries of the European Union have registered over 750,000 asylum applications in 2017, a decrease from 2015 and 2016 figures, when applicants numbered 1,323,000 and 1,260,000 respectively.

A large proportion of Algerian asylum seekers turn to France, their former colonial master.

According to French data, the number of Algerian asylum seekers has increased by 24% in 2017, compared to 2016, to 2,456 applications, making Algeria one of the top 10 countries whose nationals have asked for asylum in France.

However, faced with the difficulty to obtain asylum in France, more and more Algerians are turning towards other countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia, etc.

Only 3% of Algerian asylum seekers are successful, against 94% of Syrians, 92% of Eritreans, and 69% of Somalis.

The security situation in Algeria has been tense in recent years. Terrorist attacks and abductions, including those involving foreign citizens, are a frequent occurrence.

There are several Islamist groups operating in various parts of the North African oil-rich nation, including one that has declared allegiance to IS group.

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