Africa Pratice Joins Casablanca Finance City

Africa Pratice Joins Casablanca Finance City

Africa practice, a pan-African strategy and communications consulting firm, has joined Casablanca Finance City, the 1st financial center in Africa, according to the 2018 Global Financial Center Index

Set up in 2003, Africa practice advises some of the largest institutions, companies and investors on the continent. It operates from seven African offices and delivers assignments in over 40 countries across the continent.

This Africa-focused risk firm provides services to industry and governments. It gathers information and intelligence, analyzes it and develops advocacy and engagement strategies for its clients to succeed in challenging and competitive operating environment.

Launched in 2010, Casablanca Finance City attracts more and more investors seeking growth opportunities in Africa. This leading African and business hub is located at the crossroad of continents.

Recognized as the leading financial center in Africa, and partner of the largest financial centers, CFC has built a strong and thriving community of members across four major categories: financial companies, regional headquarters of multinational companies, service providers and holding companies.

CFC offers its members an attractive value proposition and a premium “doing business” support that fosters the deployment of their activities in Africa.

CFC status offers investors tax incentives, streamlined visa and work permit application processes, and free management of assets in foreign currencies from foreign sources.
Currently, about 150 companies are labeled CFC. Over 43 pc of these companies come from Europe. They cover or target 46 African countries.

According to CFC management team, 74 pc of Moroccan investments in Africa in 2017 were made by companies with CFC status. These investments represent $3 billion.

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