South Africa on Footsteps of Morocco’s African Economic Diplomacy

South Africa on Footsteps of Morocco’s African Economic Diplomacy

The inroads of Morocco’s economic diplomacy in Africa are inspiring leaders in South Africa, which aspires to follow suit through the launch of an African policy to strengthen economic ties with the continent.

The move was announced by South Africa’s Foreign Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, in an attempt to break away with the unfruitful political rhetoric that has characterized Pretoria’s relations with the continent.

South Africa is trying to position itself as the gateway to the African continent and needs a strong economy to do so, economists say, noting that the current crisis hinders South Africa from boosting its influence on the continent.

Morocco could offer the example to Pretoria as the North African Kingdom has engaged in a south-south cooperation approach based on shared growth.

The projects launched by Morocco’s phosphates giant, OCP, in Ethiopia and Nigeria are a perfect example of how Morocco puts its expertise to address one of Africa’s pressing challenges: food security.

The trans-Atlantic gas pipeline that will channel Nigerian gas through west Africa up to the Mediterranean also promises to fulfill energy security of many West African states.

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