Muslim Countries Pledge to Vote for Morocco’s 2026 Bid

Muslim Countries Pledge to Vote for Morocco’s 2026 Bid

As was expected, member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) promised to vote for Morocco’s 2026 bid on June 13 as it runs against the joint North American bid.

The decision to back Morocco’s candidacy to organize the tournament was approved by OIC’s foreign ministers at the 45th session of their council.

Morocco was represented in the event that took place in Bangladesh by State Secretary to foreign affairs, Mounia Boucetta.

The OIC joins the Arab league and the bulk of Africa in backing Morocco’s fifth bid to host the World Cup.

Influential countries in Europe including France, Spain, Belgium and Russia have also promised to back Morocco’s bid.

This support comes at a time US president Donald trump has threatened in tweets to retaliate against countries that do not vote for the joint American bid.

To win the tournament Morocco would need the majority of the votes of the 205 football associations in the open vote.

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