Libya: PC launches new operation against ISIS

Libya: PC launches new operation against ISIS

The Libyan UN-backed Presidential Council (PC) launched Monday a new military operation aiming at cleansing up last positions and resistance forces of the Islamic State group (ISIS) still posing a threat to security in the oil-rich North African country.

The announcement of the new operation was made by Mohammed El Sallak, spokesperson of head of the PC Faiez Serraj.

Dubbed ‘The Nation’s Storm’, the operation was ordered by Serraj and will stretch to the 60km checkpoint in eastern Misrata passing through Bani Walid suburbs, Tarhouna, Misallata, Al-Khumus and Zlitin, Sallak said.

The anti-Terror Force will head the military campaign.

Remnants of terror groups are still active in the country despite the loss of its stronghold of Sirte in 2016.

The PC with the support of US aerial backing managed to liberate Sirte, the hometown of the country’s former strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

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