UN Military Adviser for Peacekeeping Operations in Morocco

UN Military Adviser for Peacekeeping Operations in Morocco

Lieutenant-General Carlos Humberto Loitey, military adviser for UN peacekeeping operations, is currently on a working visit to Morocco for talks with Moroccan military officials on the Kingdom’s contribution to these peacekeeping operations.

In this connection and upon the instructions of King Mohammed VI, the UN official held separate meetings with Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, in charge of the National Defense Administration, Abdeltif Loudyi, and with Lieutenant General and Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, Abdelfatah Louarak.

Abdeltif Loudyi and Lieutenant-General Carlos Humberto Loitey discussed Morocco’s contribution to UN peacekeeping operations and ways and means likely to enable the United Nations improve conditions for peacekeeping missions, taking into account the complex environment of current operations, a statement issued by the National Defense Administration said.

Loudyi highlighted the ceaseless efforts made by Morocco in the field of peace preservation and welcomed the initiatives launched by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, as part of the reform of the UN peacekeeping and security, the statement said.

During the meeting, Lieutenant-General Loitey reiterated condolences to the Kingdom following the death of the Moroccan peacekeepers who were killed while performing their duty with honor and bravery in the Central African Republic, and expressed appreciation for the key role played by the Kingdom in peacekeeping operations, the statement said.

The UN official also welcomed Morocco’s endorsement of the new “Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System”, announced during the Vancouver (Canada) Conference on the Preservation of Peace, held in November 2017. Morocco took part in the Conference.

Talks between the UN official and Lieutenant General and Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), Abdelfatah Louarak, focused on the participation of the FAR in UN peacekeeping missions and their contribution to security-building efforts in Africa.

They also discussed the measures to be taken to face the various challenges and threats encountered on the ground, a statement from the FAR General Staff said.

Morocco, a historic contributor to UN peacekeeping operations, has, over the past 60 years, deployed some 70,000 soldiers, as well as several field hospitals under the aegis of the United Nations. Currently, Moroccan blue helmets are deployed in the Central African Republic and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lieutenant-General Carlos Humberto Loitey is visiting Morocco this February 10 to 14 at the head of a large UN military delegation.

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