Morocco Strongly Condemns Polisario’s Breach of UN Ceasefire Agreement in Sahara Buffer Strip

Morocco Strongly Condemns Polisario’s Breach of UN Ceasefire Agreement in Sahara Buffer Strip

Morocco has strongly condemned the deployment of Polisario militiamen in the demilitarized border crossing with Mauritania, known as Guerguarat.

Morocco’s Ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, told the Moroccan news agency (MAP) that the Polisario’s provocations in the Guerguarat crossing represent a blatant violation of the UN brokered ceasefire agreement and a disregard for the calls made by the UN Secretary General for the withdrawal of all troops from the demilitarized buffer strip.

He said that Morocco has informed the UN Secretary General and the Security Council of the detrimental impact of the Polisario’s irresponsible acts on the political process.

In this respect, the Moroccan diplomat stressed the need to maintain the flow of traffic unhindered, noting that a rally will take place on January 8 and the crossing needs to be free of Polisario elements.

He also welcomed the statement issued by the UN Secretary General calling on the Polisario to retreat from the area.

Hilale explained that through this new incursion, the Polisario made proof of amnesia in a bid to recreate the same scenario of March and April last year when its armed men set checkpoints in the area but then ensued a humiliating retreat in fear of being condemned by the Security Council.

The Moroccan diplomat “deplored that the Polisario and its paymaster Algeria, which equips it with vehicles to block Guerguarat road, have not drawn lessons from their humiliating defeat last April.”

“Morocco, the UN Secretary General and the International Community consider that the Polisario’s provocations are detrimental to the efforts led by Mr Kohler (UNSG Personal Envoy to the Sahara) to relaunch the political process,” he said.

Hilale reiterated that the political process requires upholding commitments and that such a process is not within sight when considering the recurrence of provocations by the Polisario.

He made it clear that Morocco remains faithful to its commitment and has withdrawn from Guerguarat last year in response to calls by the UN Secretary General, noting however that “Morocco’s patience has limits.”

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