World Bank Commends Morocco’s Climate Leadership

World Bank Commends Morocco’s Climate Leadership

Morocco has taken several initiatives to gather support for climate action, notably in Africa, through landmark projects such as the Adaptation of African Agriculture Initiative (AAA), the World Bank’s Vice President for Sustainable Development, Laura Tuck, said.

“We are delighted to see Morocco take the lead as part of efforts to implement the Adaptation of African Agriculture Initiative [AAA),” Tuck told reporters following talks with a Moroccan ministerial delegation, on the sidelines of One Planet Summit, held in the French capital.

The World Bank is taking several innovative measures to improve the management of the agricultural sector with a view to adapting it to climate change and reducing emissions, underlining in this regard that Morocco can play an important role in this area on the African continent, she said.

Since Agriculture is the main victim of climate change in the continent, Morocco has launched the Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA) initiative, which seeks to restore African ecosystem balance and enable countries of the continent to have access to climate funds.

This initiative focuses on strengthening the financing capacities of African farmers, via micro-credit generalization to small farmers, meso-credit development to medium-sized farms and mobile banking solutions deployment.

In the same vein, Morocco and the World Bank agreed at the financial summit of COP22 to launch the “Green Growth Infrastructure Facility for Africa” tasked to spur green economy on the African continent and pull together environment-friendly private and public investments.

King Mohammed VI is taking part in the One Planet summit which brings together world leaders in Paris to mark the second anniversary of the climate change plan agreed in the French capital in 2015 and entered into force on November 4 2016, few days prior to the UN Climate Summit, COP22, held in Marrakech.

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