Central America & Caribbean Parliaments Express Support for Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

Central America & Caribbean Parliaments Express Support for Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

Speakers and representatives from the legislative bodies of Central American and Carribean States expressed their full support for a peaceful solution to the Sahara dispute within the framework of Morocco’s sovereignty.

The Speakers expressed the call for “a consensual solution in the Sahara as part of Morocco’s territorial integrity” in “Rabat Declaration” which was adopted during the 35th Forum of Presidents of the Legislative Bodies of Central America and the Caribbean Basin (FOPREL) on November 14 in Rabat.

The Declaration commends the democratization process, the introduction of decentralization, the strengthening of democracy and the promotion and protection of human rights by Morocco and the FOPREL member countries.

The document also praised the efforts undertaken by Morocco and the FOPREL to fight terrorism and the adoption of a comprehensive strategy towards migration as well as commitments made towards human rights and the promotion of tolerance.

In this regard, the participants underscored their rejection of an immigration approach that is driven by a security perspective that ignores the humanitarian dimension of the global phenomena and the rights of migrants.

In this vein, they welcomed Morocco’s application to be the host country of the International Immigration and development charter.

The Central American and Caribbean parliaments also expressed support for Morocco’s initiative to create a joint African and Latin American Parliamentary Forum.

FOPREL, which was created in 1994, aims at boosting legislation enforcement and homologation mechanisms of the member countries.

FOPREL is composed of the parliaments of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico.

Morocco is an observer member in the Forum since 2014.


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