Morocco Seeks New Development Model to Address Regional Disparities

Morocco Seeks New Development Model to Address Regional Disparities

The Moroccan government announced the upcoming setting up of a ministerial committee to review the current development model, which has so far failed to curb regional disparities.

The launch of the committee was announced by Head of the Government Saad Eddine El Othmani at the Weekly Government Council. He explained that the new body will be tasked with putting forward proposals and new ideas to address shortcomings in terms of managing public affairs as the current model has reached its limits.

The creation of the new committee comes less than a week after King Mohammed VI’s speech at the opening of the Parliament autumn session in which he lambasted local officials for failing to meet citizens’ aspirations and called for a new development model.

“Although Morocco has made tangible progress, which is recognized throughout the world, we have to admit that our national development model no longer responds to citizens’ growing demands and pressing needs; it has not been able to reduce disparities between segments of the population, correct inter-regional imbalances or achieve social justice,” the King said in the speech.


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