Yves Saint Laurent Museum Adds Fashion to List of Marrakech Landmark Attractions

Yves Saint Laurent Museum Adds Fashion to List of Marrakech Landmark Attractions

A museum dedicated to the fashion house celebrating the works of great French designer Yves Saint Laurent has been inaugurated in Marrakach, the Red City that had such a strong influence on him.

The museum, inaugurated Saturday by Princess Lalla Salma, the spouse of King Mohammed VI, is located on Yves Saint Laurent Street near Majorelle Gardens. It will open its doors to the public on October 19.

The Museum (mYSLm) is a cultural center that will showcase fashion and the enchanting beauty of Moroccan colors and arts.

In the words of Pierre Bergé, the French fashion tycoon who co-founded the Museum and passed away on September 8, just a month before the opening: “It feels perfectly natural, 50 years later, to build a museum dedicated to his oeuvre, which was so inspired by this country.”

Spanning over a surface area of 4,000 square meters, the fashion house includes notably a permanent exhibition space of 400 square meters, celebrating the work of Yves Saint Laurent in an original scenography by Christophe Martin.

The museum also houses a temporary exhibition hall of 150 square meters, a bookshop, a café-restaurant with a terrace and a research library of 6,000 books on fashion, history, literature and arts.

The museum also has a 150-seat auditorium, named after Pierre Bergé, to be used for performances and recitals, as well as conferences, film screenings and lectures.

The opening coincides with the inauguration of another museum dedicated to the designer in Paris. The two museums will showcase a collection made up of 5,000 articles of clothing and 15,000 haute couture accessories.

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