U.S. Iran: Top US Senate Member Calls Trump to Stick to Nuclear Deal

U.S. Iran: Top US Senate Member Calls Trump to Stick to Nuclear Deal

US Senate member, Ben Cardin who is also top democrat member on the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday called out US President Donald Trump to remain faithful to 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

Ben Cardin who is also Jewish, was part of four democrat senators who opposed the historical deal blessed by President Barack Obama.

Cardin told reporters that the pullout out of the deal would send a negative image of the US to the international community.

“If we violate a UN resolution, in the eyes of the international community, do we have any credibility?” Cardin asked during a monthly meeting of with foreign policy reporters.

“We thought it was the wrong decision,” he said, “but we want to see it implemented.” He added.

The nuclear deal which curbs Iran’s uranium enrichment program in favor of gradual removal of economic sanctions has been criticized by President Trump who has vowed to quash it or make it revisited.

The Trump administration is poised to impose sanctions against Iran despite reports that Tehran has been in adherence with the terms of the deal.

US State Department according to the Senate must periodically, after 60 days certify whether the Islamic republic complies with the pact. New certification is due by October 15.

Cardin urged Trump to heed the call of US Europe allies who early this week called on Washington to preserve deal.

“It’s pretty universal that our friends don’t want us to walk away from the agreement,” he said.

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