Global Coalition against Daesh: Morocco Outlines Tenets of its Counter Terrorism Strategy

Global Coalition against Daesh: Morocco Outlines Tenets of its Counter Terrorism Strategy

Morocco’s comprehensive and multilayered strategy to counter the threat posed by terrorism in general and the Islamic State in particular was highlighted at a meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh, held on the sidelines of the 72nd General Assembly in New York.

The success and efficiency of Morocco’s anti-terrorism strategy hinges on a farsighted approach spearheaded by King Mohammed VI, providing mainly for championing the values of tolerance and coexistence inherent to Islam and counter terrorist propaganda, said Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita during the meeting which was chaired by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The meeting was an occasion to commend Morocco’s King for his leadership and visionary approach to tackle extremism notably through ensuring the training of Imams in line with the genuine values of Islam and extending this experience to African and European states, the Minister said.

Bourita highlighted that participants in the meeting also took stock of the Coalition’s inroads against Daesh, noting that 85% of Iraq’s territories were liberated from Daesh grip, while 57% of the once Daesh stronghold of Raqqa in Syria has also been cleared of Dashed fighters.

He said Morocco advocates action against all Daesh resources, notably a crackdown on its online propaganda.

The Minister also warned of the lurking danger of returning foreign fighters and sympathizers who are willing to serve Daesh’s destructive agenda.

The Global Coalition against Daesh was formed in September 2014 and is unique in its membership, scope and commitment. Together, the Global Coalition is committed to degrading and ultimately defeating Daesh.



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