Morocco at “Forefront of Renewable Revolution”- CSM Says

Morocco at “Forefront of Renewable Revolution”- CSM Says

A “green leader among developing nations” and a country at “the forefront of renewable revolution”, thus the Christian Science Monitor described Morocco as it forges ahead with its ambitious goal to produce more than half of its energy needs by 2030 from clean energy sources.

In an article entitled “Inside Morocco’s Renewable Revolution,” the US media outlet shed light on the beneficial impact of renewable energy projects on Morocco’s energy independence, job creation and the environment.

Morocco’s push for renewables is “part of a national effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution, and boost Morocco’s energy independence,” said the website, adding that many Moroccans deem the renewable energy transition as “a necessary investment in the future.”

The CSM went on to highlight the positive impact of windfarms on the local population through offering job opportunities and stable revenues.

The article also raises Morocco’s investments to build “a massive $9 billion solar farm near Ouarzazate in south-central Morocco that, once completed, will be the world’s largest.”

It adds that the solar plant uses innovative technology to store concentrated solar energy at night, a process that also will be used and expanded at a new solar plant planned for construction in Midelt, in central Morocco.

The article also notes that the new Midelt solar plant will use cutting-edge hybrid solar-generating technology, which combines concentrated thermal power and solar photovoltaic to create a 24-hour power supply from the sun.

Morocco’s clean energy commitment is also mirrored in the government plans to install solar technology and energy efficient lights in 15,000 state-funded mosques over the next five years and last year’s decision to ban plastic bags to reduce pollution.

“Morocco is far ahead of the United States and Canada in combating climate change, according to the international science-based Climate Action Tracker,” underscored the CSM while recalling that Morocco signed the Paris Climate Agreement and hosted one of the first United Nations conferences of global leaders and experts to discuss implementation.

The Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to renewable energies earned it the trust of international donors, says the Christian Science Monitor, pointing out to large-scale investments by the World Bank, the KfW Development Bank, the African Development Bank Group, and the European Investment Bank.

Morocco’s clean energy strategy is also aimed at boosting the country’s energy independence and diversifying its energy sources away from fossil fuels, it said.


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