Morocco Showcases “Sustainable Strategy” at Global Fisheries Forum in St Petersburg

Morocco Showcases “Sustainable Strategy” at Global Fisheries Forum in St Petersburg

Morocco’s sustainable fisheries strategy was showcased at the Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo, which kicked off in Saint Petersbug on September 14.

Speaking on this occasion, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Aziz Akhannouch offered insight on Morocco’s fisheries model that combines the sustainable exploitation of fisheries with ecological imperatives

In this regards, the Minister put emphasis on Morocco’s Halieutis Plan, which aims at ensuring sustainability and enhancing performance and competitiveness.

He said Moroccan authorities in charge of fisheries maintain a close eye against “illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing”.

Akhannouch also stressed the need for international cooperation to preserve sea and ocean resources.

“Unilateral actions are incapable of addressing the challenges linked to fisheries. Only a joint action by states can lead to defining the means to implement an efficient governance aiming at ensuring fisheries sustainability at the environmental and economic levels,” the Moroccan minister made it clear.

He also called for attaching utmost importance to scientific research in order to develop sustainable fishing.

Over 200 Companies from Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin
America and USA are participating in the event, presenting their product, state-of- the-art knowhow and equipment for fishery industry.

The key event of the first day was the plenary session on “Global focus on fishery in the seven seas: cooperation or competition?”.

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