Morocco, Best Placed to Help Spain Supervise Mosques- Head of Muslim Community in Ceuta

Morocco is well-placed to help Spain supervise mosques and spread tolerant religious discourse, underscored Abdeslam Hamadi, Head of the Muslim community in the Spanish-occupied enclave, Ceuta.

Hamadi, who is also the president of the Islamic federation of Andalucia and Spain, deplored the detrimental impact of training delivered by Saudi Arabia. He deemed that Morocco is the best-placed country to deliver an Islamic training that is compatible with democracy.

In this connection, Morocco’s Islamic Affairs Minister, Ahmed Toufiq, told EFE that Spain needs to oversee religious discourse at mosques to avert radicalization.

For his part, Secretary General of the Moroccan community abroad, Abdellah Bossouf, considers that Spain has better follow the Moroccan model, which offers an interpretation of Islam that has nothing to do with “salafi extremism”.

The issue of religious discourse in Spanish mosques came to the fore following the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks, which were perpetrated by disenchanted youth who were radicalized in a mosque in Ripol by an unqualified Imam.


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