Libya: Serraj Promises Cash to HoR-aligned Tobruk Municipality

Libya: Serraj Promises Cash to HoR-aligned Tobruk Municipality

Libyan Prime Minister Faez Serraj has promised to attend financially to Tobruk municipality, which is housing the Libyan internationally recognized parliament, the House of Representatives (HoR), opposed to the UN-backed Presidency Council and Government of National Accord.

The move came after Faez Serraj held talks with acting mayor of the eastern city, Ali Saghir, who was in Tripoli to seek financial support.

Saghir explained to his interlocutor the municipality budget needs to meet public services, particularly water and sanitation, Libya Herald reports.

Serraj reportedly responded favorably to the request, pointing out that “17 municipality staff who have not been paid for several months would receive their salaries and that proposals to establish a medical centre would be looked at.”

Tobruk has remained largely aligned with the HoR and its associated Beida-based government. Both entities have rejected Serraj and his leadership establishment, which they claim is illegal.

Both the Beida government and the HoR have backed army commander Khalifa Haftar who agreed on a cease-fire with Serraj late last month at a meeting organized by President Emmanuel Macron of France.

Reports say Saghir’s meeting with Serraj was decided last week as Beida-government and the HoR lack funds to support the municipality.

According to Libya Herald, the municipality officials came to the conclusion that “the town’s needs were greater than political allegiances”.


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