Moroccan Judge Receives US State Department Distinction for Anti-Trafficking Legislation

Moroccan Judge Receives US State Department Distinction for Anti-Trafficking Legislation

The US Department of State awarded Moroccan Judge Amina Oufroukhi the title of “Hero of the Trafficking in Persons Report 2017” in recognition of her valuable contributions in the elaboration of Morocco’s anti-trafficking law in 2016.

The Moroccan judge “played a critical role in drafting and encouraging the passage of Morocco’s anti-trafficking law in 2016 and has been a driving force within the government to develop an implementation plan to ensure the protection of victims and the appropriate punishment of perpetrators,” the US Department of State said in a statement on its website.

Amina Oufroukhi is a judge within the Moroccan Ministry of Justice’s Directorate of Criminal Affairs and Pardons. She is also the head of the central unit coordinating the care of women and children in the courts.

“Judge Oufroukhi established special protection units in Moroccan courts for women and children and later drafted new legal procedures to extend these protections to all trafficking victims,” the State Department said.

Oufroukhi was also praised for contributing to establish a group of expert judges to train judicial and law enforcement personnel and prepared detailed legal guidance clarifying the provisions of the law for all Moroccan courts.

The State Department also highlighted Oufroukhi’s participation in international cooperative projects on combating trafficking in persons, in addition to her contributions in the drafting of studies on human trafficking in Morocco.

According to the State Department, the TIP report is “the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts. It rates nations on how effectively governments are tackling the human trafficking industry.

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