Morocco:  Production of “Made in Morocco” Electric Buses Slated for 2017

Morocco: Production of “Made in Morocco” Electric Buses Slated for 2017

electric-busThe Kingdom of Morocco will launch production of its locally made electric buses next year, Head of the country’s Energy investment Company (SIE,) a key actor in the project, reveals.

The project falls into the Kingdom’s promotion of the transports facility policy, says Ahmed Baroudi.

“The industrial project aims at producing last generation of (Ultra-Light) electric buses made in Morocco for the local and international market,” Baroudi said.

In an interview with Finance News, Baroudi said that the project also falls within the government’s plans seeking to reduce the country’s dependence on oil and gas, reduce significantly CO2 emissions and make Moroccan cities air-friendly.

The initiative was given official stamp last month during King Mohammed VI’s state visit to China during which Morocco’s Central Bank, SIE and Chinese Yangtse Ltd; specialized in the production of the bus, signed a $123 million deal.

On the economic front, Baroudi indicated that more than 500 direct and indirect jobs will be generated. The SIE Head further announced additional profits including transfer of technology to Moroccan companies associated to the project.

More than 1,000 buses will be manufactured each year and oriented towards local and international markets. The future project will also pave the way to other made in Morocco products, Baroudi said.

Critics of the project have expressed their concerns over the high number of traffic accidents registered in China, involving electric buses operating on lithium-ion batteries.

French-Moroccan scientist Rachid Yazami, known for his  research on lithium ion batteries and on Fluoride Ion and inventor of the graphite anode (negative pole) of lithium ion batteries, has reportedly warned against risks of explosion of Lithium-powered integrated batteries, which may cause traffic accidents as seen over recent years in China.

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