Anti-coronavirus fund, a showcase of Moroccan solidarity

Since the King called for the setting up of a special fund to upgrade health services, help most hit sectors by coronavirus and maintain jobs, donations kept flowing from public institutions, the private sector, state officias, employees and individuals.

The fund which was targeting 10 billion dirhams received more than 25 billion dirhams as different sizes of Moroccan businesses joined the wave of solidarity bringing valuable contributions.

Finance minister Mohamed Benchaaboun explained that all donations will be added to the 10 billion dirhams from the state budget which also include earmarking the 3.3 billion dirham sanction against Maroc Telecom for unfair competition.

After King Mohammed VI donation of 2 billion dirhams, Hassan II Fund 1 billion dirhams, the Royal Holding Al Mada 2 billion dirhams, OCP 3 billion dirhams, BMCE 1 billion dirhams Morocco’s regions 1.5 billion dirhams, fuel distributor Afriquia 1 billion dirhams, Group Azura 25 million dirhams to mention but a few large contributions.

Companies based in Morocco’s southern provinces generously contributed with fuel company Petrom, owned by Bouaida family, offering 100 million dirhams, and Atlas Sahara, another fuel company, contributing 15 million dirhams.

A bank account was also opened to allow ordinary citizens to donate at the following RIB 001 810 00 780 002 011 062 02 21 .

Moroccan ministers and cabinet members, MPs, senior army officials, senior interior ministry officials, directors of state institutions and many other senior executives and employees donated a salary to the fund.

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