Morocco: Police Seize 18,000 Ecstasy Pills & Capture Suppliers

The Moroccan police of the Northern city of Tetouan arrested on Wednesday a 20-year old man and his mother, 48, accused of being suppliers of a dealer who was nabbed earlier in possession of 18,000 Rivotril psychotropic tablets.

The young man was arrested near his home in Sidi Boughaba district in Fnideq, Northern Morocco, says a press release issued by the National police.

Search carried out in his home led to the seizure of 7,020 ecstasy pills and over $5000 cashed from the sale of the recreational drugs. His mother was already wanted by the Casablanca police for similar criminal acts.

Ecstasy pills can sometimes kill drug takers but more commonly induce nausea, panic, paranoia and agitation. Experts warn the drug is getting stronger, leading to a rise in the number of people going to hospital for treatment for mental and behavioral issues.

Convinced of the necessity of a comprehensive approach to combat drug-related issues, Morocco has adopted an anti-drug strategy seeking to fight traffickers, distribution networks, suppliers and consumers.

This strategy also focuses on prevention, education, medical treatment of addicts, creation of job opportunities for the youth and speeding of socioeconomic development of vulnerable zones.

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