African countries discuss foreign currencies & monetary independence in Tunisia

A three-day international Conference opened in Tunis on Nov 7. Entitled “Quest for Economic and Monetary Sovereignty in 21st Century Africa: Lessons and Prospects”.

This conference gathers economists, financials, businessmen, experts and leaders of opinion from African countries and from all over the world.

Foreign currencies and monetary independence are the main issues on the agenda along with Africa’s reliance on debt, international monetary relations and the quest for economic and financial sovereignty in African countries.

It is also debating the challenges facing African communities and governments and the institutional constraints imposed by the European Union and other international financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, as well as the management of the external debt of African countries.

This conference is the first in Africa. It is held at the initiative of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, in collaboration with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

Nearly thirty speakers are participating in this international conference. A comprehensive strategy that eyes long-term food sovereignty, the production of renewable energy, and value-added industry is needed to address economic challenges, mainly inflation, experts said. Real solutions also lie in revamped higher education and training.

The conference was preceded on Wednesday by the presentation of the book of Ndongo Samba Sylla and Fanny Pigeaud entitled: “Françafrique’s Invisible Weapon, a History of the CFA Franc”

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