Tunisia on High Alert over Presence of 100 Terrorists at Border with Algeria

Tunisian Defense Minister has warned a parliament committee that around 100 terrorists preparing to sneak into Tunisia are currently hiding in the western mountainous region of the country on the border with Algeria.

Abdelkarim Zubaidi told the Parliament Committee on Management and Armed Forces Affairs that the jihadists are planning to enter Tunisia from the southern border with Libya.
Zubaidi however assured that the armed forces are ready to confront the terrorists in coordination with the interior ministry.
The North African country has been facing attacks from terrorists believed trained in Libya.
Three major attacks, prepared in Libya, hit the country in its post revolution era, in 2015.
Armed forces are regularly targets of ambushes and coordinated attacks in the western mountains known as the Chânabi border with Algeria. The area, difficult of access, is used as a safe haven by militants linked to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The ministries of defense and interior, in coordination with the presidency, have prepared strategies to face up the return of thousands of Tunisian foreign fighters from hotbed conflict zones.
Around 5,000 Tunisians according to a UN report have left the country to join the ranks of terrorist groups in Libya, Syria and Iraq.
Zubaidi told the lawmakers that the presence of the terrorists near the country’s borders was one of the major security risks and terrorist threats.


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