Maroc Telecom Invested €6 bln in Africa over Last Decade

Maroc Telecom, Morocco’s largest telecom operator, said that it invested €6 billion over the last decade in modernizing telecommunication infrastructure in the African continent.

Speaking to the press following talks with Côte d’Ivoire’s president in Abidjan earlier this week, head of Maroc Telecom management board, Abdesslam Ahizoune, said that the company is planning to expand its continental leadership through the development of national and international fiber-optic networks over a length of 6,900 km covering Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania and Morocco.

He added that Maroc Telecom is also planning to set up an Atlantic submarine cable and that the company has deployed 6,221 new mobile radio stations serving all social categories to fight the digital divide.

Maroc Telecom now serves more than 55 million users in 10 African countries, “in strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of the different countries where we operate,” he said.

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