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Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child in Conflict Zones: Situation of Child Soldiers

June 17, 2022

In the framework of the 50th session of the Human Rights Council, a meeting and debate was held at the Hotel Montrbrillant-Cornavin, Geneva, on 14 ... Read More

Algeria, where are your Saturday people, and where are your Sunday people?

June 8, 2022

‘Algeria once had 140,000 Jews. Algeria, where are your Jews?’ The question was raised by Hillel Neuer – an outspoken defender of Israel and frequent ... Read More

Arab Ambassadors explore investment opportunities in Dakhla

June 25, 2021

A delegation including the ambassadors of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen to Morocco visited Dakhla on Thursday to explore the investment opportunities and economic ... Read More

Saudi Arabia reiterates its constant, principled position on Morocco’s territorial integrity

April 27, 2021

Saudi Arabia has reiterated its constant and principled position regarding Morocco’s territorial integrity, and its continued support for the Moroccanness of the Sahara.   This ... Read More

Morocco contributes $1 million to humanitarian response plan in Yemen

March 2, 2021

Morocco will grant, as ordered by King Mohammed VI, one million dollars for the benefit of the Yemeni people, as a contribution to the humanitarian ... Read More

Yemen reaffirms its firm backing to Moroccan Sahara & Autonomy Plan

January 18, 2021

The Yemeni Government has reiterated its supportive stand of the Moroccanness of the Sahara, affirming that the autonomy plan offered by Morocco under its sovereignty ... Read More

FAO progresses in fight against locusts in East Africa, Yemen; challenges remain

May 11, 2020

The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), QU Dongyu, said this Monday May 11 that significant gains had been made in the fight ... Read More

Yemen: Houthi rebels unveil four locally-made defense systems

February 24, 2020

The Iran-backed Yemeni Houthi rebels unveiled Sunday four new defense systems made locally that will, they claim, change the course of the fight with the ... Read More

The UAE punching above its weight

June 17, 2019

The UAE a tiny wealthy Gulf country with a native population of about 1 million has broken away with the wisdom of its founder Sheikh ... Read More

Yemen: EU renews commitment to further support UN-led political process

February 18, 2019

The European Union Monday reaffirmed its commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen and to further support the UN-led political process. ... Read More