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Algeria: Appeal court upholds sentences against Said Bouteflika, Gen. Toufik, Tartag

February 11, 2020

An appeal court in Algiers upheld 15-year in jail sentence against Said Bouteflika, the brother of former President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika, and against the former ... Read More

Political Meltdown in Algeria as President Appoints New Prime Minister

August 17, 2017

Algeria is in the midst of a new political meltdown, with the sacking of the Prime Minister Abdelmajid Tebboune who was replaced by the regime's ... Read More

Trench Warfare at the Helm of the Algerian Regime

August 10, 2017

A silent struggle for power is brewing between different interest groups at the top of the Algerian regime ignited by the obvious deteriorating health of ... Read More