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Accra Reparations Conference calls for Africa united front to redress slave trade injustices

November 16, 2023

Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo has called for a united front with African leaders on demands for reparations for transatlantic slavery and colonial-era damages, as they ... Read More

African countries divided over Israel-Hamas conflict

October 10, 2023

African nations have been divided over which side to support in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, but African leaders have still unanimously called on ... Read More

Illegal fishing major maritime threat in Gulf of Guinea, costing West Africa $26bn

October 10, 2023

The West African sub-region annually loses $26 billion to illegal fishing and illicit trade in marine resources, a senior Ghanian official has warned, echoing a ... Read More

AfCFTA to boost remittances by making cross-border transactions cheaper

September 29, 2023

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has potential to increase cross-border remittances by migrants, according to a new report by World Bank, even as ... Read More

Kenyan and Ghanian activists among 2023 ‘Alternative Nobel’ prize laureates

September 29, 2023

Sweden’s Right Livelihood Award, known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”, has in 2023 honored work of two women activists from Africa to provide safer abortion ... Read More

EU planning new military-civilian operation mission in West Africa — report

August 28, 2023

Despite setbacks from military coups in Mali and Niger, the European Union is planning to launch a new military-civilian mission in Africa in the fall, ... Read More

Niger gives Mali, Burkina Faso permit to intervene in event of ECOWAS military operation

August 25, 2023

Niger, led by a junta, Thursday August 24 indicated that Mali and Burkina Faso can intervene military on its soil should the country be confronted ... Read More

AU, ECOWAS at odds over Niger intervention as ECOWAS military chiefs meet in Ghana

August 17, 2023

As West African military chiefs are set to meet Thursday (17 August) in Ghana to coordinate a possible intervention aimed at reversing Niger's coup, the ... Read More

Ghana approves ‘minerals of the future’ policy to develop lithium mining, production

August 9, 2023

Ghana’s government has given the nod to a pioneering green-minerals policy that is aimed at helping the West African country manage the exploitation and production ... Read More

Nine African countries join Afreximbank’s PAPSS platform in push for ‘de-dollarization’

June 22, 2023

A pan-African payment system that would allow African nations to trade among themselves, using their own currencies, is gaining momentum, as the platform has recently ... Read More