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Algerian regime’s Morocco phobia doesn’t spare sports

December 1, 2022

Official Algerian media have hit a new low by censuring Morocco’s win over Belgium with the main state-run channel omitting altogether to speak about that ... Read More

Algeria created dispute over Sahara to quench its geopolitical whims

November 30, 2022

Algeria has created from scratch the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, sponsored the creation of the polisario and provided it with political, diplomatic, financial ... Read More

Activists denounce death sentences handed by Algeria to cover killing of Jamal Ben Smail

November 25, 2022

Algeria has handed 49 death sentences to people convicted of killing Jamal Ben Smail in a town in the Kabylie region, in a verdict denounced ... Read More

International media lambast Algeria for grim rights record

November 21, 2022

Few days after Le Monde, the New York Times and the Economist wrote about Algeria’s grave human rights violations, Newslook- a US based outlet- drew ... Read More

Algeria: “A rotten regime saved, for now, by gas” – The Economist

November 17, 2022

The British magazine, The Ecomist, published recently a very critical story on the economic, political and social situation in Algeria that it described as dismal. ... Read More

Algeria serves as gateway to Iran’s influence in Africa- US media

November 16, 2022

Algeria’s role as a facilitator of Iran’s destabilization acts in North Africa has been exposed by Algerian writer and opposition figure Anwar Malik, who cites ... Read More

Iran confirms Algeria wants its drones

November 14, 2022

A top Iranian official said his country has received drone orders from 22 countries including Algeria, confirming earlier reports that Algeria and the Polisario were ... Read More

UPR: 15 NGOs express serious concerns over gross human rights abuses in Algeria

November 14, 2022

Fifteen NGOs have expressed serious concerns over the gross violations of human rights in Algeria and denounced the responsibility of the Algerian army in the ... Read More

US urges Algeria to halt using terrorism charges to quell peaceful dissent

November 14, 2022

The US delegation to the UN Human Rights Council called on Algeria to abrogate the amendments it brought to its penal code in 2021 and ... Read More

Algeria lambasted for abusive prosecution of people for alleged terrorism

November 13, 2022

Algeria has been lambasted in Geneva for having prosecuted some 260 People for terrorism without any valid proof. About 260 people are prosecuted in Algeria ... Read More