Tag: Al-Shabab militants

Somali gov’t, al-Shabab both claim success in their operations

February 20, 2023

Somali soldiers — backed by international partners and local clan militias — have killed upwards of 350 al-Shabab militants and wounded dozens more in different ... Read More

Dozens of al-Shabab militants killed as UN study warns of Somalis being “highly traumatized”

January 21, 2023

Years of political instability, prolonged violence and humanitarian crisis have left people in Somalia highly traumatized, a new health study said, as the country’s military ... Read More

Somalia: scores dead, injured in latest Mogadishu hotel siege by Al-Shabab militants

November 28, 2022

Sporadic gunfire and explosions rang out Monday (28 November) around a hotel in Somalia's capital that was attacked by the Al-Shabab group of insurgents a ... Read More