Morocco’s 2019 Appropriation Bill to Give Priority to Social Services

Morocco’s 2019 draft appropriation bill will give priority to social development notably in the fields of education, health and employment, said a statement read out by Spokesman for the Royal Palace, Abdelhak Lamrini.

The appropriation bill was reviewed at the ministerial council chaired by King Mohammed VI Wednesday and will be submitted to the parliament.

The draft law reiterates the need to address Morocco’s pressing issues in the areas of improving the educational system and promoting the social and professional integration of the youth as well as improving access to health services and restructuring social support and protection, finance and economy minister Mohamed Benchaaboun said at a presentation at the ministerial council.

The bill also provides for curbing disparities between social categories and regions as well as promoting investments through a reform of the regional investment centers and boosting the attractiveness of the business climate, the statement said.

The Finance Minister also said that the bill focuses on speeding up institutional and structural reforms relating to the reform of the judiciary and the implementation of advanced regionalization.

He added that the bill also aims at preserving macro-economic balances, reducing the deficit and rationalizing public spending.

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