Algeria Wants Joint 2030 World Cup Bid with Morocco & Tunisia

Algeria’s Sports Minister said his country is interested in presenting a joint bid together with Morocco and Tunisia to host the 2030 World Cup.

He told Algerian media that such a bid is on the radar without giving further details.

Similar statements have been made by the head of Algeria’s football association as Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay are planning a joint bid.

Morocco welcomed the vote by the Algerian football association in favor of the 2026 bid which it lost to the joint North American bid.

However, presenting a joint North African bid implies removing borders and the freedom of movement. While the two countries have lifted visa requirements on each other, Algeria insists on keeping land borders close.

The hotel infrastructure in Algeria and security conditions in a country that usually receives travel warnings may undermine any joint bid.

Some media outlets in Morocco have also raised the possibility of a Western Mediterranean bid bringing together Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

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