Gulf Crisis: Riyadh Pushes for Shut Down of Union of Muslim Scholars’ Tunis Office


Saudi Arabia has requested Tunisia to close the Tunis office of the Qatar-created Union of Muslim Scholars, which has been added to the anti-Doha quartet’s terror list.

Riyadh instructed a visiting delegation of Tunisian officials, led by interior minister Lotfi Brahem, to close the office, Tunisia media Al Soutour reported.

The Syndicate founded in Qatar in 2004 was added late November to the shortlist of terror organizations and individuals established by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt. The entities and the individuals have been associated with Qatar.

Qatar’s ties with the quartet have deteriorated since June 5 over its alleged support of terrorism. The Quartet severed ties with Doha, cutting off all sea, air and ground links.

Tunisia, which has adopted a neutral stance in the crisis, could become a major playground between the two sides. Qatar has injected millions of investments in the North African country and has pledged more investments to support Tunisia’s economic recovery.

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