Chadian army clashes with Boko Haram on Lake Chad

The Chadian army clashed with elements of Boko Haram on Monday in Bouma, a locality on Lake Chad.

According to corroborated sources, the clashes lasted several hours before the army managed to repel the attackers.

The assailants arrived at the early hours of Monday, in motor boats and attacked by surprise Chadian forces, who retaliated. But at dawn, the fighting intensified, forcing the Chadian soldiers to call for reinforcements. But the jihadists resisted.

In mid-afternoon, the Chadian forces finally regained the upper hand and forced the enemy to retreat. “There was some breakage. Both civilians and soldiers,” said an officer contacted by RFI.

Until the end of the day, combing and casualty evacuation operations were in progress. The General Staff of the Armed Forces indicated that it did not yet have a balance sheet because the sweep had not yet been completed.

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