Doctor in Tetouan to face justice for endangering people’s lives with coronavirus

A doctor in Tetouan will be brought before justice for usurping the quality of gynaecologist and for failing to self-isolate after he was in contact with a coronavirus infected person on board a plane, the health ministry said in a statement.

A probe by the health ministry showed that the doctor pretended to be a gynecologist wherein he was a generalist.

The probe also blamed the regional health official for failing to instruct the doctor to stay home for 14 days at least to make sure he was coronavirus-free.

The doctor went on with business as usual at a private clinic, receiving patients including pregnant women. The case spread fear in Tetouan where many people denounced the lack of professionalism by the doctor.

Morocco took strict measures against the spread of the virus imposing a quarantine across the country and asking non-essential businesses to close.

Coronavirus cases reached 143 cases including four deaths as the country watches closely the health conditions of 2117 contact cases.

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