First COVID-19 patient in Morocco recovers

The first patient to have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in Morocco has recovered, the Ministry of Health announced.


The patient, 39, had arrived in Morocco from the Italian Northern city of Bergamo late February and was tested positive on March 2.


Medical tests confirmed the patient’s recovery, the ministry said, adding that he will leave the hospital this Friday evening.


The patient is among seven confirmed cases in the country. One of the patients, however, died last Tuesday as she had a weakened immune system. The deceased patient was an 89-year old woman, who also arrived in Morocco from Italy last month. She was suffering from chronic diseases.

The ministry assured that four of the other confirmed cases, a French couple and their daughter, and a Moroccan who lives in Spain, have responded positively to treatment and their condition is “reassuring” and constantly improving.


“The fifth case, which concerns a French national of Senegalese origin, is still in intensive care because of the chronic illnesses she suffers from,” the ministry said.

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