Burkina Faso: At least 43 villagers killed in attacks in Yatenga province

At least 43 villagers were killed in attacks perpetrated by unidentified armed individuals, Sunday March 8, in three Fulani villages (Dinguila, Ramdolla and Barga) in the Yatenga Province in Northern Burkina Faso, announced Minister of Communication and spokesman for the government Remis Fulgrance Dandjinou in a press release published Monday afternoon.

Six persons were wounded in the attacks, the official said adding that Defense and Security Forces were immediately deployed to secure the attacked villages.

Authorities try to reassure the population of the three villages, pledging to spare no effort to restore calm and serenity in the province.

The government strongly condemned the attack but did not mention the Fulani origin of the victims.

Other unofficial media reports, however, indicate that the attacks were carried out by local Koglweogo militia in retaliation for abuses perpetrated by the jihadists, to whom the Fulanis are often assimilated.

The north of Burkina Faso is targeted by frequent jihadist attacks and as some Fulanis have joined the jihadist groups, which have killed more than 800 people since 2015, amalgamation is frequently made in the country.

Jihadist groups are fueling these tensions, and reprisals against the Fulani have increased in 2019.

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