Algeria: Ennahar media group boss arrested on alleged corruption charges

Anis Rahmani, the powerful boss of Ennahar media group, has been hauled into custody after his arrest on corruption charges.

Ennahar TV, known close to former regime of Abdelaziz Bouteflika and late Army Chief of Staff, Gaid Salah, confirmed Thursday Rahmani’s detention on Wednesday.

“He was arrested by plain-clothes agents who took him to the Bab Edjedid gendarmerie squad in Algiers,” the media said in a statement.

“No charge has yet been brought against Anis Rahmani, who has not appeared before the court,” it added.

Middle East Online citing a security source reports that Rahmani, of his official name Mohamed Mokadem, is accused of corruption. Several other media note that the 49-year old journalist is also accused of “breach of exchange regulations”, “blackmail to gain undue advantage” and “holding foreign bank accounts”.

Rahmani made a name for himself with the support of the former President who stepped down in April.

A court in Algiers Monday reportedly ordered the Arabic-speaking channel to pay a fine to the former head of the Algerian Olympic delegation to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Amar Brahmia, and his family, for “defamation”.

“No financial support was granted to the Brahmia family during this trip, neither from state institutions, nor from any sponsor, nor from the Algerian Olympic and Sports Committee,” said Brahmia in a statement released on Monday.

Rahmani and another journalist of Ennahar TV were sentenced in December to six months in prisons on “offence and defamation” charges following an article written against retired Gen. Hocine Benhadid.

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