Pesticides: Rabat Updates its Law to Protect Human Health & Environment

The Moroccan government Council adopted on Thursday a new bill regulating the use of agricultural pesticides in a bid to protect the health of citizens, animals and the environment.

The former pesticide legislation, dating back to 1997, has become obsolete in view of the major global changes and progress made in the development, testing, production and management of toxic products and chemicals.

Head of the Moroccan Govt Saad Dine El Otmani said the new enforced regulations in the country are in line with the international norms governing of the use agricultural pesticides, some of which pose serious health risks.

To provide better protection for humans and the environment from possible chemical risks and to promote sustainable development, Morocco adopted a new law defining authorized products and the rules of their use, control mechanisms and the penalties in case of non-compliance, underlined El-Othmani

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