Morocco’s King reiterates attachment to Maghreb Union, Openness to Africa

King Mohammed VI reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to sound and solid relations with sister Maghreb nations as well as Africa’s place “at heart of Morocco’s foreign policy“.


“My keenness to achieve fair, balanced development in all the Kingdom’s regions is just as strong as my commitment to establishing sound, solid relations with sister Maghreb countries,“ the King said Wednesday in a speech marking the 44thanniversary of the Green March.

He emphasized the need of a stronger Maghreb to meet the ambitions of the youth and the corporate community for an integrated region.

The King also pointed to the importance of an effective partner both for European, African and Arab partners.

However, “hopes just like expectations, are running high; and the challenges are many and complex,“ said the King. “Regrettably, some are not taking the situation seriously,” he said.

He warned of the consequences of inaction and limited development on the peoples of the five Maghreb countries.


The African continent continues to take pride of the place in Morocco’s foreign diplomacy, said the King.

Since King Mohammed VI took the throne two-decades ago he attached a particular importance to Africa within Morocco’s foreign policy action, paying visits to multiple African countries and signing some 1000 cooperation agreements in a range of areas.

“This has had a tangible impact on Morocco’s economic, political, cultural and religious standing on the continent,” he said.

“I firmly intend to make Morocco a key player in shaping the Africa of the future,” King Mohammed VI vowed.

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