Morocco reaps benefits of diversified diplomatic ties with global actors

The recent foreign policy actions undertaken by Morocco illustrate a commitment to diversifying and strengthening partnerships with global players while stressing need for multilateralism, which so far helped the north African kingdom make its voice heard over its strategic interests and advance economic partnerships.

This approach helped Morocco score precious points in terms of its strategic interests on top of which sovereignty over the Sahara as all major powers back the UN process and have repeatedly commended Morocco’s autonomy initiative as “serious and credible.”


The position was reiterated once more by the US Secretary of State Mile Pompeo at a strategic dialogue meeting with Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita.

During the meeting, the US Secretary of State commended the leadership of King Mohammed VI and urged a closer cooperation to combat extremism in the region and counter the Iranian meddling. The meeting also reviewed means to bolster economic cooperation.

It was also a chance to highlight Morocco’s potential as a gateway for investments in Africa.


Morocco sent a high-level delegation led by head of government Saad Eddine El Othmani to the Russia-Africa summit held last week in Sotchi.

The Moroccan delegation and Russian officials examined means to further boost bilateral ties especially in terms of economic cooperation.

Foreign minister who also attended the event said Morocco offers promising opportunities for Russian businesses that want to expand in Africa.

During the event, a landmark €2 billion agreement was signed by Moroccan company MYA energy and Russian State development bank to build a refinery in northern Morocco.


Faithful to maintaining closer ties with influential countries, Morocco, which shares 800 years of diplomatic ties with Britain, signed an association deal to maintain the flow of trade unhindered after Brexit.

Following the signing ceremony, UK officials underscored Morocco’s stability and its role in the region as well as the UK support for a lasting and mutually acceptable solution to the Sahara issue within the framework of the UN.

“The agreement signed with Morocco today will help provide certainty for businesses, ensuring they can continue to trade on the same terms with our Moroccan partners. On my recent visit to Morocco, I witnessed first-hand the many opportunities available to UK and Moroccan firms to advance our trade together,” Minister of State for Trade Policy, Conor Burns said during the signing ceremony of the association agreement.


In an increasingly multipolar world, Morocco has reiterated its attachment to multilateralism in addressing global challenges.

The country has by the past spearheaded global initiatives such as the UN climate summit COP22 in Marrakech in 2016 and the Global Migration Pact in late 2018 or the fight against terrorism and security threats which are all efforts, inter alia, that reflect Morocco’s global engagement and advocacy of joint global efforts.

This commitment was highlighted once more at the non-aligned movement summit in Baku where Moroccan minister in charge of Africa stressed the need for maintaining and backing multilateralism.

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